Black Box DVI-kabel - 5 m

Black Box DVI-kabel - 5 m DVI-I-DL-005M
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  • This cable helps eliminate extenders for short distances
  • The cable is DVI-to-DVI-I, with male ends on both sides
  • Attach DVI devices to other DVI devices without using specialty extenders
  • For use with PCs and KVM switches, or in many digital signage applications
Connect your DVI dual-link monitor, display or projector to your DVI-I dual-link computer. Reliable Connection This DVI-I dual-link cable provides a dependable connection between your desktop or laptop computer and a DVI monitor or projector. It can also be used with PCs KVM switches in digital signage applications and more. Additionally this DVI-I dual-link cable boasts gold-plated molded connectors that provide outstanding conductivity and its quality is assured through adherence to DVI DDWG Standards. Analog and Digital Signals from One Cable DVI-I is the only video standard that uses the same connector to incorporate both analog and digital transmissions easily allowing for the conversion from DVI to VGA with the use of an adapter such as the Black Box VA-VGA-DVII. High-Quality Video Dual-link technology supports expanded video resolutions of up to 2560 x 1600 when supported by connected devices along with up to 9.9 Gbps transmission rates. Durable Cable Design This cable features a black PVC jacket with a VW-1 flame rating. It is triple shielded with each coax line individually insulated plus 100 aluminum Mylar wrap and 85 braid coverage and built-in ferrite cores for the utmost protection against unwanted electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.


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