AXIS T8355 Digital Microphone - mikrofon

AXIS T8355 Digital Microphone - mikrofon 01561-001
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Axis CommunicationsTillverkareAxis CommunicationsArtnr
  • Professional audio surveillance
  • Discreet and compact digital microphone
  • Support for S/PDIF output
  • Hemispherical
  • Flexible installation
AXIS T8355 Digital Microphone is a high-performance and discreet microphone designed for excellent surveillance in large areas. This is a great microphone with an S/PDIF output carrying digital audio signals between the microphone and network product. Thanks to the digital format with lossless transfer of audio signals, electromagnetic immunity is achieved making it ideal for situations where long cables are required.

From hospitals and schools to banks and retail departments, AXIS T8355 Digital Microphone is ideal for any location where you need distance between the audio source and network product. Additionally, AXIS T8355 Digital Microphone is powered by the network product, so no additional cables or power supplies are needed, helping minimize time and installation costs.


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