Extron eLink 100 R (Receiver) - trådlös ljud-/videoförlängare - HDMI

Extron eLink 100 R (Receiver) - trådlös ljud-/videoförlängare - HDMI 60-1490-13
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  • Reliable, professional-grade wireless extension of HDMI video and multi-channel audio signals
  • Capable of transmitting through multiple walls and furniture
  • Supports computer video, including HDTV
  • HDCP compliant
  • Ultra-low latency transmission of video and audio signals
  • Professional-grade technology enables simultaneous transmission from one transmitter to as many as four receivers
The Extron eLink 100 is a professional grade wireless transmitter and receiver set for extension of HDMI video and multi-channel audio. This HDCP-compliant extender features a robust wireless communication technology to ensure high reliability and real time performance with exceptional image quality for high resolutions, including HDTV. It includes features designed specifically for professional AV systems such as AES-128 encryption to ensure a secure link and use of the spectrum for transmission through multiple walls. Extron eLink technology ensures reliable operation of up to four eLink extender sets, even if other wireless systems are within the same facility. In addition to point-to-point designs, one transmitter can support four receivers to create a wireless distribution system.


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