HPE 1606 Base Extension SAN - switch - 6 portar - Administrerad - rackmonterbar

HPE 1606 Base Extension SAN - switch - 6 portar - Administrerad - rackmonterbar 582634-002
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  • FCIP Extension of Fiber Channel SANs provides connectivity over longer distances that would otherwise be technologically not possible, impractical, and too expensive with native Fiber Channel or when dark fiber resources are unavailable
  • Achieve bandwidth savings and higher bandwidth utilization via data compression by compressing FC frames before they are encapsulated into FCIP packets
  • Extensive diagnostics, system-monitoring capabilities, and performance monitoring
  • Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) techniques can be used to prioritize traffic and guarantee that necessary bandwidth requirements are met
  • Key protocol features are enabled in the FCIP implementation to optimize performance of SAN extension over IP networks, including Storage-Optimized TCP
  • FCIP Trunking feature allows multiple IP source and destination address pairs (defined as FCIP circuits) to provide high bandwidth FCIP tunnel and failover resiliency
IT organizations continue to face unprecedented data growth as more platforms, applications, and users connect to the data center network. In turn, the storage network infrastructure must continue evolving to enable fast, continuous, and most cost-effective access to mission-critical data from anywhere in the world.

To address this challenge, the HPE 1606 Extension SAN Switch helps provide fast, reliable, and cost-effective network infrastructure for remote data replication, backup, and migration. Leveraging next-generation Fiber Channel and advanced Fiber Channel over IP (FCIP) technology, the 1606 Extension SAN Switch provides a flexible and extensible platform to move more data faster and further than ever before.

Whether configured for simple point-to-point or comprehensive multisite SAN extension, the 1606 Extension SAN Switch addresses the most demanding business continuity, compliance, and global data access requirements.


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