Bakker Elkhuizen Ergo-Q 330 ställ för bärbar dator

Bakker Elkhuizen Ergo-Q 330 ställ för bärbar dator BNEQ330
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Bakker ElkhuizenTillverkareBakker ElkhuizenArtnr
  • Can be adjusted in 5 different height settings (height range at back: 11-19 cm)
  • Folded: 1.3 cm
  • In use: 11.3-19.3 cm
  • Angle document holder: 20 - 40 (6 angles)
  • Built in (patented) document holder is pivotable for easy laptop set-up
  • Lightweight, completely foldable, fits in any notebook case
  • Money saver: no external monitor needed and saves desk space
  • Award winning design
  • Material: ABS plastic and protective rubber feet
Laptop holders raise the screen of the laptop and reduce the viewing distance. This places much less stress on one's neck, and one can work much more comfortably.

Laptop holders with a document holder also increase productivity. BakkerElkhuizen laptop holders increase productivity by 17%, reduce stress on the neck by 32% and result in 21% more comfort.

Ergo-Q 330 is a portable notebook stand with integrated pivotable document holder.


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