JBoss Data Grid - standardabonnemang (3 år) - 16 kärnor

JBoss Data Grid - standardabonnemang (3 år) - 16 kärnor MW00101F3
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0 i lagerInleverans: 2022-02-11
Red HatTillverkareRed HatArtnr
  • Schema-less key/value store
  • Compatability with many types of applications
  • Works with existing relational databases
Data-driven web applications enhance the online experience, driving up customer satisfaction, retention, and purchasing. But as more people use them, the amount of data grows. And multiple reads and writes to traditional back-end data stores can cause a major performance bottleneck.

If your data is no longer well-suited to traditional data storage, or the volume, velocity, or variability leave your database strained, now's the time to check out Red Hat JBoss Data Grid.

A linearly scalable, distributed, in-memory database, JBoss Data Grid offers a nondisruptive solution that can significantly boost the performance and scalability of your application while lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO).


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