Avery - etiketter - 300 etikett (er) - 99.1 x 42.3 mm

Avery - etiketter - 300 etikett (er) - 99.1 x 42.3 mm L4743REV-25
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Avery DennisonTillverkareAvery DennisonArtnr
  • These eco-friendly labels are great for when you need a temporary labelling solution
Ever written a note for a colleague to then discover they can't read your handwriting? Or perhaps you want to leave colleagues a temporary message such as a printer faulty or vending machine out of order. These Removable Labels are ideal for writing instructions and temporary notes. You just print the message on the label and stick it where it can be seen. When the message has been read or it's no longer needed simply remove it. The label won't leave any residue but you can be sure it'll stay firmly in place.


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