3M Mobile Privacy Film - skärmskydd för mobiltelefon

3M Mobile Privacy Film - skärmskydd för mobiltelefon 98-0440-4996-7
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  • Offers the same screen darkening ""microlouver"" privacy as other 3M privacy filters but now is a smaller size to fit and protect your mobile devices
  • Helps maintain visual security of information
  • Light matte finish helps reduce glare so your screen is easier to see
  • Protects your device screen from the rigors of everyday use
  • Easy to apply and removes cleanly leaving no residue
3M's Privacy Screen Protectors are custom cut micro-louver films that let you stay private when needed, and share info when wanted - and protect your screen. The privacy feature gives you a clear view of your screen while preventing onlookers from viewing confidential information. With an easy to remove, residue-free adhesive, replacing the screen when necessary is worry-free. The Privacy Screen Protector also protects the display from dust and dirt, and is easy to clean.


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